Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Angelus and religious discrimination

Jane Donnelly on RTE's Liveline discussing The Angelus on RTE and religious discrimination in Irish schools, on 21 July 2014.

John Oliver on Prison

America's prisons are broken. Just ask John Oliver and several puppets.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Prison (HBO), 2014

Akin: Spiritual War Over "Legitimate Rape" Remark

Todd Akin describes the fallout of his "legitimate rape" comments as a battle between spiritual good and evil, with him on the side of good.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Steinlight: Public Execution 'Too Good' For Obama

Stephen Steinlight of the Center for Immigration Studies says execution is "too good" for President Obama.

The Case Against The Case For Christ (interview)

Leading New Testament scholar Robert M. Price has taken umbrage at the cavalier manner in which Rev. Lee Strobel has misrepresented the field of Bible scholarship in his book The Case for Christ. Price exposes and refutes Strobel's arguments chapter-by-chapter. In doing so he has occasion to wipe out the entire field of Christian apologetics as summarized by Strobel. This book is a must-read for anyone bewildered by the various books published by Rev. Strobel.

The Case Against The Case For Christ: A New Testament Scholar Refutes the Reverend Lee Strobel

Amy Dickinson - Friendly Atheist Podcast

Amy Dickinson is the syndicated columnist behind "Ask Amy," which is in over 150 newspapers nationwide. You can also hear her on NPR's "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" where she is a regular panelist. She has written for Time, Esquire, and O magazines and is the author of the bestselling memoir The Mighty Queens of Freeville.

Amy Dickinson - Friendly Atheist Podcast EP 5

"We Don't Need More Copyright" - Tom W. Bell on Intellectual Property

"We don't need more copyright," says Chapman University law professor Tom W. Bell. "Probably we could dial it back and still enjoy this great wealth of culture that's been generated, that's already in our libraries."

Bell, a self-described "intellectual property skeptic," sat down with Reason TV to discuss his new book "Intellectual Privilege: Copyright, Common Law, and the Common Good."

Contemporary copyright law is a statutory privilege that inevitably contradicts our constitutional rights to free expression. The prospect of litigation scares off artists who want to create new works that exist in legal grey areas, like mashups, tributes, or parodies.

Bell's solution rests on a much simpler idea: we should emphasize common law instead of copyright. Common law -- which is to say, the established precedents that govern ordinary property, contracts, and torts -- already form the foundation of the American legal system. It provides plenty of encouragement for artists and designers to create new works, without the statutory failures of the current system.

How might the arts fare in a world without copyright protection? To a large extent, we already know the answer. Perfumes, jokes, recipes, fashion, furniture, and automobile design have never enjoyed copyright protection. Yet there's no shortage of creativity in any of these fields. Artists still find ways to make money -- sometimes a great deal of it -- in the absence of special legal protection.

After meeting with policymakers on Capitol Hill, Bell is hopeful about the prospects for reforming the Copyright Act. Legislators are starting to accept what consumers have long understood about the digital age: modern copyright law hinders the very innovation it was designed to promote.

Runs about 8:30.

Produced by Ford Fischer and Todd Krainin. Cameras by Josh Swain and Fischer.

Genesis study part 1 of 9

The Knowledge of this man is incredible. Plus he is engaging and a great voice for radio.

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